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Is It Fun To Eat Fruit? It Can Be with Innovative Product Design.

Fun To Eat Fruit changes the way kids viewed eating fruit


Is It Fun To Eat Fruit? It Can Be with Innovative Product Design.

Fun To Eat Fruit changes the way kids viewed eating fruit

Fun To Eat Fruit

Is It Fun To Eat Fruit? It Can Be with Innovative Product Design.

How we define things as consumers and food entrepreneurs determines the consumer decision making process leading to trial and repeat purchase of a brand.

Stimulus, which is a cue to get the consumer to act, whether it is researching for an item to to stimulate trial of a new product. This stage leads to Problem Awareness. This next stage is where the consumer recognizes that a product can solve a problem or unfulfilled desire.

Getting kids to eat more fruit is a real problem and products like Fun to Eat Fruit can help solve this problem in a… well… fun way!

Fun to Eat Fruit is a company founded by David Salzman in 2007 to transform fruit into a convenient and fun snack for children. Let's explore his journey as a food entrepreneur.

Your Inspiration For Starting Your Business

In a world of sweets and not-so-healthy snack foods, and with childhood obesity rates on the rise, it was time to provide healthy alternatives in the dessert/snack category that was fun and nutritious. Packaging was also a key to this product. The fruit is packaged in a plastic tube allowing the product and tubing to be re-used (upcycling!) Also, after having launched Beverage Toppers (discussed in detail later), I was aware that specialty marketers were always on the hunt for healthful ideas as marketing vehicles.

The Light bulb moment.

David took apples featuring fun images (smiley face, Disney characters) to a local neighborhood pool, where the primary target was having fund and displayed them on a picnic table. When the kids saw this interesting mix of food and caricatures, they were curious and wanted to know what they were. Curiosity then lead to them to ask if they could eat them! One step removed from purchase. David replied "of course" and the children devoured them in seconds. "That's when I knew Fun to Eat Fruit could change the way kids viewed eating fruit!"

Products Offered in the Lineup.

The line currently consists of fruits, such as apples, pears, nectarines, and plums featuring cheerful, seasonal images, such as smiley faces, peace signs, maple leafs, snowflakes all created using edible messaging technology. This lead David to expand the concept as a another corporate gift option featuring a company's logo and marketing messages in a fun and unique way. Future plans will incorporate custom images as well.

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