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Consumers are changing

Customization and personalization are increasingly important to consumers


GoBites Incan Treasure Flavor - interesting ingredients that most people have never had.

GoBites Incan Treasure Flavor - interesting ingredients that most people have never had before which totally satisfy your “snacking jones” with really unique flavors.


This is a continuation of GoBites Capitalizes on Growing Snack Trend... an interview foodpreneur Jim Gutt.

Why are you "web-enabled" vs. launching new products through retail and C Store Channels?

We never wanted to be just another company selling snacks. That space is very crowded and it is hard to stand out. So, we created a service that allows people to integrate healthy snacking into their lives in an easy way. It was natural for us to launch our products on the web. We offer the convenience of free delivery, and our website allows each consumer to customize their orders to fit their needs.

How are you following food trends to develop the snack menu and how are you managing to keep up a fresh channel of new products? Snacks seem to flourish on product line extensions.

We are always consulting with nutritionists to keep abreast of the latest developments in health and nutrition and always keep their opinions in mind when we search for new products. We are aware that keeping our menu fresh and interesting is the key to our long-term success. Finding new, delicious, and unusual ingredients (such as in The Hottest Food Trends from McCormicks 2012 Flavor Forecast ) to keep our customers interested is our top priority. And, we enjoy doing it. We already have plans to introduce new products incorporating dried papaya and blackberries in the next couple of months and are very busy talking to new producers wherever we can find them.

What "personalizations" were you seeing that frame how you developed your product? Were you looking inside or outside of the food business?

We live in a time where customization and personalization are increasingly important to consumers. Ever since Burger King said "have it your way," providing personalization has been the great way to engage consumers and add value. We observed the trend in the food business with companies allowing consumers to vote on new flavors and outside the food world with examples such as shoe companies that let you design your own sneakers.

When we were thinking about how to stand out in the snack world, it became clear to us that adding levels of personalization would set us apart and enrich the customer experience. We joke that GoBItes is the "match.com" of snacking because of the detailed profile a member can fill out.

When you sign up, we ask you to answer a few questions. Based on those answers, we recommend a set of products that fit in with your answers. We take into account people's preferences, lifestyle, and nutritional goals.

This includes taste preferences like chocolate or spicy foods. We also tailor our suggested GoBites based on age, sex and lifestyle. Generally, this involves excluding our most highly caloric items from the suggested GoBites for women, older people, and workaholics. If you tell us you lead a very active lifestyle, we make sure we suggest GoBites with protein in them, which helps your body recover after strenuous exercise.

We have also taken into account a variety of dietary preferences. We offer a high fiber plan, and a plan with only naturally gluten free ingredients. In addition, we offer a wide variety of products that are Mediterranean Diet friendly. These products will all contain "good fats" (monounsaturated fatty acids) found in nuts and seeds. We also cater to the principles of a glycemic index based diet, suggesting snacks lower in carbs and snacks that have a good balance between nuts and fruits to balance the effect on your blood sugar. Healthy Snack Trends at Frito Lay

We are on a mission to offer up as much variety as we can to make sure everyone can find a wide selection of our products to enjoy. In addition, we worked very closely with nutritionists to provide a set of educated recommendations to our customers.

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