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How Are Companies Using Social Media?

The mygrubfindr app on Facebook taps into Millenials need for social shopping


The mygrubfindr app on Facebook taps into Millenials need for social shopping on Facebook.

The mygrubfindr app on Facebook taps into Millenials need for social shopping on Facebook.

Updated December 10, 2012

Grocery shopping is .. well… usually something we HAVE to do vs. WANTING to do. I enjoy it because it gives me a way to observe shopper behavior, witness new product launches, observe new in-store merchandising and observing food trends in 3-D .

Digital, Mobile and Social are the latest drivers affecting consumer shopper behavior.

Savvy Penny and MyGroceryDeals are but 2 platforms focusing in on the grocery shopper. Savvy Penny relies on in-store kiosks and shelf-mounted touch screens to deliver savings the shopper AT the point of purchase. MyGroceryDeals.com matches local deals from supermarkets to your shopping list as you create it on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Digital Commerce is Modifying the Path to Purchase for Grocery Shoppers

Digital, Social and Mobile intervene in your shopping habits… or technically "intervening in your path to purchase allowing brands to influence your shopping behavior."

Most low value products are purchased through habit vs. some complex decision process so digital in all forms has the ability to recognize your habits and find the right time to break into the habit and getting you to switch brands or even buy an entirely new category. (the latter is much more difficult to do)

Understanding How Millennial's Eat and Shop

Millenials think about food and shopping much differently from other generations. The Symphony IRI Infographic clearly points to 3 key differentiators for Millenials and shopping:

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Social Causes
  • Digital Natives

JWT's Ann Mack told me that Millenials are Digital Natives … they have known the Internet for most of their adult life and embrace Social and Mobile in their purchase decision process. So why hasn't someone figured out how to make money helping Millenials shop in ways they are comfortable with? MyGrocery Deals has and has launched Mygrubfindr.

How Are Companies Using Social Media in the Grocery Business?

I asked John Scott, Co-Founder and Executive Vice-President of MyGroceryDeals.com to give the scoop on this Facebook enabled grocery list targeted squarely at early Millenials. The following is an outline from John on this highly innovative offering.

Millenial Shopping Habits - Why the Food Business Needs Mygrubfindr

The idea for myGrubFindr was inspired by a CPG partner who was desperate to reach deeper into the College demographic. We delivered, and as such, created an entirely new way for food manufacturers to influence the audience that avoids influence at all costs.

myGrubFindr is a Facebook app that finds local grocery deals based on "list" searches. It includes pre-built lists that save time for students who are unsure what to buy. The search results are shown for 2 stores, side-by-side for easy comparison. Users add deals to their Shopping List, which can be saved or printed, or sent by email or SMS to their phone.

Advertising Advantage

The advantage of myGrubFindr is in the surrounding content and targeted approach.

myGrubFindr's functionality was built specifically for College Students. Content posted on the page is tailored for College Students, and can be sponsored. Few other advertising vehicles are able to target this user group so specifically. myGrubFindr presents the unique opportunity to deliver a message on Facebook, without using the standardized advertising mechanisms it supplies. Social marketing provides a unique opportunity to learn more about customers on a personal level - a characteristic of strong brands.

Why College Students?

College Students are at a unique age where grocery shopping becomes a first-time experience. They are establishing new habits and brand particularities that will last them a lifetime.

  • US College Students spent $20B on food in 2011 and $11B is on snacks and beverages.
  • US College Students have $217B in spending power. Food is their greatest expense aside from tuition and housing.
  • By 2017, than any other generation millennials will have more spending power
  • Millennials spend 28% more than the average consumer at mass merchant stores, where brand clutter is the most prevalent based on research in Millenials in the Aisles
  • 73% of millennials say it's important to read others' opinions before food purchases. Grabbing millennials' attention will have exponential results…over other generations illustrating the power of social media in grocery shopping .
  • Millennials are 274% more likely than the average shopper to be influenced by recommendations or information from blogs or social networking sites.

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