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Consumer Shopping Behavior

An in-depth look at the shopping habits and behaviors of consumer segments. We explore the what, where, when why and how of consumers food and beverage purchase decisions.

Retail Shoppers Want Digital Personalization and Not Privacy Invasion
Online Shopping Boom Spurs New Behaviors and Data Concerns As McCann Study Finds Consumers Want More from In-Store

ZipList State of the Kitchen Report
Consumer behavior is how emerging food trends are revealed with big data. It is…what people search for… what recipes they download… and what items they add to their digital shopping lists

Zip List State of the Kitchen Report Shows Digital Influence on Grocery Shopping
Consumer behavior is how emerging food trends are revealed with big data. It is…what people search for… what recipes they download… and what items they add to their digital shopping lists

Amazon Fresh A New Private Label Brand
Amazon Private Label Foods may change shopper behavior and become a serious contender in retail grocery.

Is the Grocery Business Ready for the Digital Shopper?
40 percent of all visits to Peapod.com involve a mobile device. Are your ready for the digital grocery shopper.

Ziplist Online Printable Coupons HAve a Social Media Twist
How do grocery online printable coupons integrate in the multiscreen world consumer live in. Cross Platform is the buzzword, but in essence the consumer wants to seamlessly move from computer, to tablet to smartphone and not necessarily that linear fashion.

How Are Companies Using Social Media?
How are companies using social media? MyGroceryDeals.com launched the mygrubfindr app on Facebook to influence millenials grocery path to purchase

The Connected Consumer... The Connected Diner
Grocery retail needs to go Mobile for effective shopper marketing. Changing the retail landscape, groceries are no exception to the advances in retail shopping apps.

MyGroceryDeals.com - More than Online Coupons for Groceries
The grocery path to purchase is increasingly being influenced by digital and mobile technology. The path to purchase is influenced by the recipes we use to create meals, health and wellness issues and even food allergies.

Food Industry Trends - What You Need to Know
Food Industry Trends

Heinz Foodservice uses a Digital Marketing Strategy for Ketechup
Social Media Engagement is the How….. The Great Idea is the What. Heinz Digital Marketing addresses the what before they jump into tactics. Foodpreneurs can learn from their 3 pronged social strategy for their own new product launch efforts.

Food Trends for 2012 - White Takes Digital and Social Seriously
Food Trends 2012 White Castle presents at Food Industry Summit. Repositioning for Upscale QSR no-burger concepts such as Laughing Noodle and Deckers, Social Word of Mouth, Communities vs Targets, Food is the new Social Network.

Food Trends for 2012 -Implications for New Product Launch
Food Trends for 2012 Food Industry Summit highlights, the Polarized Consumer, Small Format Retail lead by Walmart Express and Neighborhood Market, Food is the new Social Network and hybrid channel blurring concepts, Grocerants, alive and well with Culinaria, Wegmans Pub and others.

Organic Food Trends 2011 - Growing
Organic food trends 2011 from the TABS Group Annual Organic Product Study shows uner 40 consumers dominate market growth. The narrowing price gap between organic and non organic foods is also a driver.

Mommy Bloggers: Raising Babies, Launching Your Brand
Mommy Bloggers and Social media is now the most critical part of the word of mouth marketing cycle moving people from undecided to decided faster than ever before. One of the biggest advantages blogs have over other forms of communication is the fact that the blogger has already done the work of creating a personal brand, and that brand has a...

Both Kodak and Zombie Chain Restaurants are Ignoring History
We Can’t We Won’t, We Don’t food trends? Both Kodak and zombie restaurants are going out of business because they ignored to their peril things do go wrong and when companies don’t change… they are gone.

Food & Beverage Brands Responding to the New Normal
Consumer behavior in the Food & Beverage market is changing due to the “new normal”... cutting back, clipping coupons and new consumer segments such as the extremely cost sensitive consumers. Look for stripped down services, smaller sizes and affordable indulgences.

Food Trends for 2012
Complete report of 2012 American food trends, according to food and nutrition forecasters at Publicis Consultants USA.

Food Shopper Insights: Planning for the Grocery Shopping Trip
Over 65% of consumers plan their food shopping trips with grocery shopping lists increasingly using internet and social media.

Private Label Strends -Strong Growth - Affordable, High Quality
Private Label Manufacturers Association continues to show the strength in Private Label Retail Store Brands.

Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth
Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth to Promote their 1 2 3 Program

Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Packaged Facts a leading source for market data, trends, and analysis in consumer industries, including food release their latest report Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

Most Memorable New Product Launches
The Top 10 Most Memorable New Product Launches Report from Schneider Associates

McDonalds Happy Meals
Anyone reading this with children know Happy Meals and have purchased more than your fair share, whether by choice OR begrudgingly. What is interesting is this statistic: Happy Meals are approximately 10% of McDonalds sales.

Our Crystal Ball for Consumer Food Trends
Consumer food trend, truvia just one bite, FDA natural definition term, Mintel reveals consumer trends for 2011, consumer eating trends, healthy eating trends,new product launches,

Not Your Same Old Restaurant
Food Trucks: Latest Food Trend Mobilizes Food To Go. Thinking of starting a food business? Technomic, the leading foodservice research and consulting firm has released a report on emerging trends in the restaurant business. Their bottom line is the restaurant landscape is changing in three key areas. Read on for more details.

Retailers and Brands Plan To Increase Their Investments in Shopper Marketing
Retailers and Brands Plan To Increase Their Investments in Shopper Marketing

Frozen Meals Play a Key Role in Addressing Several Consumer Trends
Do you rely on frozen foods in some fashion or another? Just opening your freezer probably answers this question. We all need to make meal time easier and more enjoyable.

Coffee Consumers Are Acting Differently
People are purchasing coffee for more than just the taste.

It All About the Experience
Consumer behavior is affected by more than features and benefits. Read about interesting examples o related to customer experience.

Whole Foods Has 1.8 Million Friends
Engage and Listen to your customers

Consumer Retail Research
Here is a compendium of consumer goods and retailing market research reports to get strategic insight into consumer behavior at retail.

Connecting with Customers
Interesting research statistics from consumers and retailers that can help explain today's consumer behavior trends at retail.

It’s all about the deal for today’s grocery shopper.
It’s all about the Deal for Today’s Grocery Shopper. Read These Sobering Statistics for Grocery Retailers and Food Retail Brands Alike.

Fast Food blurs the line between a meal and a snack
Changing eating habits, the focus on obesity and the new “Affordability” issues driven by the economy are making snacks viable and tasty consumer option.

Innovative Food and Beverage Brands Add Excitement to Retail Food Shopping
Information Resources Inc published its 15th annual publication of New Product Pacesetter which is an annual study of the most successful consumer new product entries of the past year. 2009 was year of economic challenges, consumer retrenchment and the dawn of what is termed “Affordability”. It used to be Value that was a key consumer driver and...

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