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What's Happening in Food and Beverage July 1 2011

Grocery Shopping


Food entrepreneurs, learn the latest new product launches, food industry trends and restaurant trends to help you start a food business or grow your food business.

1. Better Fortified Beverages

Med school doesn’t allow much free time for parties, but the students are skilled at managing their time, commitments and physical stamina. After a night of overindulgence, a couple of recent med-school graduates revealed their post-party secret: They start the next morning with an electrolyte-rich beverage. Also in their arsenal: vitamin-enhanced waters. Like so many other consumers, they are looking for beverages that provide a nutrient boost, and product developers are working on a variety of products to meet a range of needs and demographics.

2. The SoBe Lizard goes to Pandora

Want to know how Internet radio service Pandora plans to engage its users’ ears and eyes? With slithering lizards and sexy supermodels—for today, at least. To promote SoBe's 'Try Everything' campaign, Pandora is launching its first-ever in-tuner animated video ad on its website, but only for a targeted group of men between the ages of 18 and 29.

3. Foods within Foods?

Single-themed foods? That's so last year. What's coming soon to the supermarket are foods within foods. When General Mills unveiled its new product offerings Wednesday, the big trend seemed to be consumer food items that have other foods tucked inside.

4. A look at McDonald’s newest menu strategy

McDonald’s launched the mango-pineapple flavor of its Real Fruit Smoothie lineup nationwide Monday, and the introduction could be the first of several new menu items to come to market more quickly in the United States.

5. Sonic unit in Florida to serve alcohol

A new Sonic restaurant south of Miami will sell beer and wine soon, making it the first location of the quick-service, 3,559-unit chain to offer alcoholic beverages on its menu.

6. Neilsen Report: Women of Tommorrow

Women around the world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, in business and in politics, creating a massive opportunity for marketers to better connect them with the products they buy, the media they engage with and the technologies they use to do so.


7. Time to Abandon Traditional Approaches in Grocery Retail

Grocery stores and food manufacturers need to reassess traditional approaches to shopper marketing, according to the just-released "Food Shopper Insights: Grocery Shopping Patterns in the U.S." by market research publisher Packaged Facts.

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