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Company News; Foods and Beverages

Find out the latest news that is affecting consumer packaged goods foods companies as well as foodservice industry leaders. See what companies are for sale, merging or developing products from opportunities in the latest consumer trends.

Trader Joes is Consumers Favorite Grocery Store for Second Year
Trader Joes secret weapon... in-store experience, great prices and customer delight

Amazon Fresh A New Private Label Brand
Amazon Private Label Foods may change shopper behavior and become a serious contender in retail grocery.

FDA Rules - Energy Drinks vs. Dietary Supplements
What is the difference between a beverage and a dietary supplement? An interview with an expert Richard Perlmutter, M.S. President of Abington Nutrition Services LLC

How to Fund a Small Business? Crowdfunding is a new way for Food...
How to Fund a Small Business? Crowdfunding is a new way for Food Entrepreneurs to scale their business and to get the crowd to bring small brands to the next level. CircleUp is focusing on consumer products companies. Why? Because the crown shops and knows what is out there.

Walmart Launches "Great For You" Icon
Walmart's takes the lead in Front of Package Nutritional Labeling is branded as "Great For You". When you combine this with their Walmart Express Food Desert initiative in unveiled in Chicago, you can see how this will drive CPG brands faster to develop FOP on all new packaging.

Wal-Mart plans to open its first Wal-Mart Express Stores
Wal-Mart plans to open its first Wal-Mart Express Stores

Align your food brand with Whole Foods core values
Social Responsibility at Whole Foods goes beyond donations with community efforts to support local career camp

McDonalds Happy Meals
Anyone reading this with children know Happy Meals and have purchased more than your fair share, whether by choice OR begrudgingly. What is interesting is this statistic: Happy Meals are approximately 10% of McDonalds sales.

Cupcake Wars
This article has tasty "tidbits” of information on the cupcake wars and important trend data for food entrepreneurs.

Specialty Foods Company Spot Light
Read the latest news on niche food businesses in the specialty foods arena.

Ad Age Idea Conference
What are the big companies doing in the advertisng arena.

The Top 5 Retailers in Organic
Would you beleive Walmart and Costco are in the Top 5? Read news about these surpirses and more.

Frozen Meals Trends
See how we are buying and eating today.

Quick Service Restaurant
There is alot more going in in Fast Food then just burgers. See what some of your favorite Quick Service brands are doing.

Starbucks in the News
See what Starbucks is doing to get their customers back

What's Happening in Food and Beverage July 1 2011
how to start a food business, starting a food business, starting a food business, new product launches, food trends, restaurant trends, food trend

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