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Pizzania from NK Foods Product Pitch

Do you really want a Lasagne Pizza?



Pizzania® combines two of the world's favorite foods (pizza and lasagna)


Pizzania® fcombines two of the world's favorite foods (pizza and lasagna)

Your One Line Pitch

Pizzania® from NK Foods is a marketer's dream because it combines two of the world's favorite foods (pizza and lasagna) into a NEW eye-catching marketing bonanza that will jump off the shelves amongst the hundreds of frozen food items.

Business Summary

Pizzania is a pizza/lasagna hybrid produced by NK Foods for two years (2008-2009) in Maine. Meat and vegetable versions were initially produced in half-sheet (lasagna type) trays for food service and sold through Sysco and PFG Northcenter. Individual microwavable serving trays were later added for retail applications.

What is the Customer Problem You Solve

Pizza is the single most popular food in America. Because of this, there is tremendous competition for new customers. By creating a pizza/lasagna combo with a catchy name and logo, it stands out amongst the hundreds of frozen entrees in the freezer aisle. Plus it is amazingly delicious!

How Will You Make Money? (your business model)

By producing at a small food manufacturing facility in northern Maine, most of our ingredients had to be purchased just for us, plus shipping from this remote location created high production costs, which drove the retail price to $4.99 vs. $2.99 for frozen lasagna. Packaging was minimal (plain tray with cellophane cover and a label) and we were next to attractive colorful boxes in the freezer aisle but despite this disadvantage, we sold out several times. A company that is already producing Italian foods could easily produce Pizzania at a fraction of the cost, and by utilizing the name and unique marketing characters, could penetrate markets they never could with just pizza or lasagna alone. The Pizzania name is trademarked and there is no direct competition. Also, because it is frozen there is a one-year expiration date which greatly minimizes spoilage/returns.

What are Your Products/Services

There are currently two versions - meat and vegetable. The meat Pizzania consists of a layer of thin soft crust, a layer of meat sauce containing ground beef, sauce, garlic, spices, etc. and a layer of shredded cheese. Three more layers are added for a total of six layers, ending with cheese. The vegetable version is made the same way, but with vegetables instead of meat. As with pizza, there are many more versions that can be added to the line such as pepperoni, loaded (meat & veg), Mexican style, chicken, etc. You can also have an "all natural", healthy/low fat, gluten-free or gourmet version. In addition, a "hand-held" snack-type Pizzania is also a viable option.

Who is Your Target Market

The market for Pizzania is quite large, but children and teenagers are especially enthusiastic consumers. It also appeals to busy parents as a quick and healthy meal for their children, and seniors who opt for quick and easy dinners they can keep in the freezer.

Where Will You Sell Your Products

Primarily the freezer section of large and small supermarket chains, big box stores, military commissaries, and convenience stores. Gourmet versions are great for gourmet/high end shops, all-natural versions for chains such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's etc. Another market is bars, restaurants, and cafeterias.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

This is where Pizzania really shines! Mr. & Mrs. Pizzania, our very own unique marketing cartoon characters, tell the story of what happens when pizza "marries" lasagna. Flyers, ads, commercials, website, videos, etc. can be created to showcase Pizzania at food shows and food-tasting events. Also handing out free samples at supermarkets is beneficial.

What is Your Competitive Edge?

Pizza and lasagna have been around for decades. They will always be popular but let's face it, the shelves are overflowing with competing pizza products. Consumers want something really new and different, and Pizzania resonates with them because it immediately catches their eye - they "get it" - they know it's a food they will like and are enticed to try it.

Why Should the Retail Buyer Give You Shelf Space?

The retail market is saturated with products. Retailers are looking for something with an edge that can stand out from the crowd. Pizzania fits the criteria because it is NEW and there is no other product exactly like it. Its taste and familiarity appeals to adults and kids alike. It is easy to understand and there are dozens of additional versions that can be added to expand the Pizzania line, including finger foods.  

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