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Business Pitch White Oak Farm and Table

Should the Retailer Buyer Give Them Shelf Space? You Decide.


White Oak Farm all-natural sauces and condiments.

White Oak Farm all-natural fruit spreads, salad dressings, grilling sauces, ketchups and condiments.

White Oak Farm
Updated September 30, 2012

Your One line Pitch

White Oak and Table is fancy food with a farm-to-table sensibility.

Business Summary

At White Oak Farm & Table we embrace the finest of food, the closest of family and the very best of friends. In fact, this is the mindset behind every unique creation we offer: from our indulgent, artisanal fruit jams to our playfully sophisticated gourmet culinary sauces.

What is the Customer Problem You Solve?

In a world of fast food, corn syrup and tasteless big brand products, our main goal is to form a food lover's haven with a "small batch" mentality and borderline obsessive tendencies toward every product we make.

How Will You Make Money? (your business model)

Our products are a great quality -we stand behind that fact. After a taste, customers can't help but want to buy our products. We also rely on the fact that our customers keep returning for more. Repeat customers are truly our bread and butter.

What are your Products/Services

We sell delicious all-natural fruit spreads, salad dressings, grilling sauces, ketchups and condiments. From our award-winning, tangy Carolina Honey Grill and Finishing Sauce, to our mouth-watering Artichoke Parmesan dressing, there is a flavor for everyone. Our delicious fruit spreads are 95% fruit, low sugar, and unbelievably flavorful - perfect for toast, ice cream, pancakes, and more!

Who is Your Target Market (your customers)

Our customers are mindful about the quality and origin of their food. They appreciate small-batch items with all-natural ingredients. Our customers range from gourmet chefs to backyard, self-appointed grill masters. Our delicious sauces, dressings and jams are artfully crafted to please the most sophisticated of pallets, but familiar enough to remind you of some-cooked meals at your grandparents' house.

Where Will You Sell Your Product?

We currently sell our product at ten locations, all with a market feel. We sell to local, organic, and artisanal stores. We also love to demo and sell at farmer' markets, where we can meet more like minded companies and individuals. We are moving towards selling to bigger businesses like Whole Foods and QVC. We are also moving towards selling more products online.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

We love demoing at markets across New York and Connecticut. It is a great way to really interact with our customers and meet new people. We love the friendly rapport it lets us build with our clientele. We are also making a huge jump in social media. We are on Twitter,White Oak Farm and Table on Twitter and on FacebookWhite Oak Farm and Table on Facebook along with our White Oak Photo Album. and we have been really starting to use it as a marketing tool. In the near future, we also want to incorporate a blog onto our website with customer profiles, recipes, farm profiles, and more.

What is your Competitive Edge?

At White Oak, our pride in our product is matched only by pride in our community. We may be growing fast but our roots will always keep us connected to the farmer's markets and legendary country stores where it all first began. After all, any truly worthwhile journey should make coming home all the sweeter.

A proud member of the NASFT & CSFA, White Oak Farm & Table has received praise and recognition from elite country clubs, chefs' alliances, self-appointed grill masters and general lovers of great food.

Why Should the Retailer Buyer Give You Shelf Space?

All-natural, premium and relentlessly idealistic, we continue to hold ourselves to the same high levels of quality and innovation that have made us a food lover's haven. So much more than a gourmet food company, we are purveyors of culinary experiences.

For all of us around The Table, the idea of "Natural Ingredients, Exceptional Quality" is much more than a tagline...it's an entire way of life.

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