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Business Pitch Torn Ranch

Handmade Artisanal Confections - Is this Compelling?


Torn Ranch products are gift arrangements.

Torn Ranch products are gift arrangements are available from the delicate Pome Frais pure fruit gels up to large executive baskets.

Torn Ranch
Updated September 30, 2012

Here is the Torn Ranch Business Pitch. Is this compelling enough for you to give them shelf space, invest in their business?

Your One line Pitch

Torn Ranch offers handmade confections and snacks that combine the best all-natural, locally sourced ingredients with beautiful and unique gift packaging.

Business Summary

For over 30 years, Torn Ranch has focused on using only the best ingredients and combining its products with innovative packaging, including eco-friendly packaging options. Providing a wide range of all-natural snacks, as well as certified organic chocolates, Torn Ranch bakes, roasts and creates its artisanal items upon order, providing maximum freshness to customers. Torn Ranch is an established leader in both the wholesale foodservice and gourmet food retail sectors. Torn Ranch is a certified MBE (Minority owned business) and WBE (Women owned business).

What is the Customer Problem You Solve?

Torn Ranch is the consumer's solution for gourmet chocolates, backed goods, dried fruits and roasted nuts that are made fresh to order, done in small batches using the best quality ingredients available. The products are assembled in unique custom packages that are decorative enough to display and remarkable enough to proudly give as gifts.

How Will You Make Money? (your business model)

The Torn Ranch brand name has grown over the last 30 years to include a prominent facility in Petaluma, California and an ecommerce website. Torn Ranch is prepared to seek additional retail and chain partnerships for distribution as well as increased wholesale product sales.

What are your Products/Services

Torn Ranch is the purveyor of all-natural gourmet confections including chocolates, specialty truffles and candies . Our baked goods include many varieties of cookies and biscotti as well as a selection of savory snacks and mixes. Specialty interest product lines include unique sweets infused with the flavors of wine, tea or coffee, the latter of which is the motivation for the Café Time line of handmade java-inspired treats. Torn Ranch products are all made on premises, including an in-house nut roastery that produces the famous Mashuga Nuts and a fruit processing facility. Gift arrangements are available from the delicate Pome Frais pure fruit gels up to large executive baskets.

Torn Ranch product lines contain a selection of products and ingredients that qualify as organic, gluten-free or Kosher, as well as eco-friendly packaging options.

Who is Your Target Market (your customers)

Torn Ranch's target market is middle to high income adults in North America.

Where Will You Sell Your Product?

Torn Ranch products are currently sold online at www.tornranch.com, by phone directly from the manufacturer for retail or wholesale and in selected partner stores throughout North America.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Torn Ranch products are being marketed to appeal to consumers of gourmet food and luxury products for home or business consumption as well as gift solutions. The newest line of Café Time coffee-inspired products are targeted towards the business professional and university markets for whom coffee and snacks are already a budgeted indulgence. Social Media supports the brand at Torn Ranch Facebook Page, Torn Ranch on Twitter and Torn Ranch Pictures on Pinterest.

What is your Competitive Edge?

Torn Ranch's competitive edge is producing all-natural confections with unique flavor combinations that are attractively arranged to provide an exquisite, luxury feel.

Why Should the Retailer Buyer Give You Shelf Space?

Torn Ranch products are designed with aesthetically pleasing packaging that is intended to attract retail customers that are willing and able to spend. Their reputation for quality ingredients and handmade products are in demand among the specialty food and gift markets. Their infusion product lines such as wine-inspired truffles, tea essence cookies and coffee flavored confections encourage consumers to consider pairing the treats with similar products and flavors, increasing retailer revenue and customer satisfaction.

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