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Business Sales Pitch - NightFoods Nutrition Bars

Consumers - Searching for tasty things that help you sleep


NightFoods nutrition bars help promote sleep naturally

NightFoods nutrition bars help promote sleep naturally

Updated November 03, 2012

Many people seek foods that help sleep. Here is an interesting business pitch from a small brand, NightFood. As we get busier and more stressed we need to… well, relax! This is a product that is in the sometimes ill-defined Functional Foods category and comes in a familiar "snack bar" format with just one flavor, Cookies N Cream. Sean has an interesting story that I wish he had included into his pitch… storytelling marketing is a powerful tool for small food brands since most food entrepreneurs have an interesting backstory that defines their brand.

Sean makes great use of YouTube videos with testimonials from his brand fans but really needs to work on his content marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

Read my review of the NightFoods Business Pitch to see where this pitch is strong and where it needs works. So read the pitch and let me know what you think.

Your One line Pitch (only one line)

NightFood is the first and only bedtime snack formulated to support better sleep.

Business Summary

Over 200 Million Americans want better sleep. Sleep and nutrition experts recommend a small, healthy snack before bed. NightFood nutrition bars are the first and only bedtime snack formulated to help you fall asleep more easily, and sleep better throughout the night.

NightFood is a product needed by late-night snackers, poor sleepers, and anybody who consumes coffee and energy drinks to help them get through their busy days.

Better sleep changes lives. No single product attacks our national sleep problem from as many angles as NightFood. We're pioneering the "sleep nutrition" category.

What is the Customer Problem You Solve?

The majority of adults want to improve their sleep. Billions of dollars a year are spent on sleep aids for nighttime, and energy products during the day. And, we estimate that 50% of consumers regularly have a snack between dinner and bed (usually not healthy choices).

A single NightFood bar before bed can replace unhealthy bedtime snacks, help improve sleep, and minimize or eliminate the need for daytime energy boosters.

How Will You Make Money? (your business model)

We will use direct response advertising to support national roll-out through pharmacy chains, supermarkets, and specialty nutrition stores (Complete Nutrition, Vitamin World, GNC).

What are your Products/Services

NightFood nutrition bars will pioneer a new sub-category (sleep nutrition).

Who is Your Target Market (your customers)

NightFood is positioned as a nutrition bar that supports better sleep (as opposed to being positioned as a sleep aid in the form of a nutrition bar).

Our target is existing late-night snackers over to NightFood as their snack of choice. These evening snackers are the "low hanging fruit" for NightFood. They require the smallest change to their behaviors and attitudes. We simply want them to replace whatever they're currently snacking on with our NightFood bars. They will do this because our bars are delicious, healthier than most other convenient choices, and promote better sleep.

Where Will You Sell Your Product?

Pharmacy chains, supermarkets, health-food and nutrition stores. Also, on our website, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Direct response TV Advertising will support our national roll-out through mass retail. We've also initiated sampling programs, and have distributors lined up to sell NightFood through health-related catalogs, as well as chiropractic offices.

What is your Competitive Edge?

To people who want more energy and better sleep, NightFood is the delicious and healthy nighttime snack, specially formulated to support better sleep.

Why Should the Retailer Buyer Give You Shelf Space?

The sleep category is booming, and research shows that most American adults want better sleep. We will be launching a large TV advertising campaign to support our launch. This will lead to strong consumer trial.

Once somebody becomes a customer, NightFood is a staple in their cupboard, with a high repurchase rate.

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  5. When we think of things to help us sleep, we don't usually think of a nutrition bar. Food entrepreneur Sean Folkson created NightFoods, combining tasty nutrition to aid in sleep.

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