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Business Pitch: Ice Syrup

A Wine Condiment without the Alchohol


Ice Syrup food enhancer made from Ice Wine

Ice Syrup comes from top class Frozen (the same process used to produce Ice Wine) Vidal and Cabernet Franc wine grapes, and pressed and evaporated the juice from them to create an incredible lush, balanced and delicious food additive & seasoning.

Sweet and Sticky Inc.

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One line Pitch

Ice Syrup is a unique, one-of-kind food product with unlimited versatility, endless applications and the ability to morph flavours and enhance foods both as a stand-alone food/beverage condiment or an ingredient in multiple food applications.

What is the Customer Problem You Solve?

Providing a single-ingredient natural food product that is healthy, flavour-filled, versatile, exotic and allows the foodie new opportunity to expand both his creativity as well as alleviating his concern that he is using something genetically modified, filled with unknown additives or speckled with refined sugar derivatives.

How Will You Make Money? (your business model)

Currently we are selling our own brand "Sweet & Sticky Vidal Ice Syrup and Sweet & Sticky Cabernet Franc Ice Syrup" to retail stores, foodservices, our own e-commerce store as well as other retail web sites. We also have an agreement with Loblaws Companies Ltd. Canada's largest Food Retailer, to sell as a private label - "PRESIDENT'S CHOICE BLACK LABEL VIDAL ICE SYRUP". We are open to all opportunities.

What are your Products/Services?

We sell a unique 100% NATURAL, 100% pure, Vegan Friendly, Halal Approved food/beverage condiment obtained from first pressed wine-quality grapes (Vidal or Cabernet Franc). Contains NO added sugars, flavours, additives, preservatives, yeast, alcohol, gluten, or colours.

The idea came to grape grower Steve Murdza about nine years ago after bringing in a haul of frozen grapes to be used to make Icewine. Instead of turning the sweet, concentrated berries into the now world famous dessert wine, why not try making non-alcoholic syrup? Similar to another Canadian favourite: maple syrup, Murdza, a second-generation grape grower, set out create what will be the next iconic Canadian product: ICE SYRUP.

True Vitus Vinefera GRAPES (grapes used to produce fine wines, not table grapes) are kept hanging on the vine well into winter and are not picked until temperatures hit a minimum -8C. ICE SYRUP uses grapes from the growing regions of Niagara, Canada because according to Murdza, the location nestled between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario produces some of the world's finest Icewine.

Who is Your Target Market (your customers)

Our customers are Foodies looking for unique, natural products that offer unlimited versatility to all forms of cooking. Creative individuals not content with the norm, seeking new exotic ways to prepare foods. Mixololgists looking for new approaches from cocktails to mocktails without using standard syrup squashes and artificially flavoured cordials.

Where Will You Sell Your Product?

Gourmet stores, Wine Boutiques and stores selling to Wine Enthusiasts, High-End Gourmet and Grocery Stores. Health Food Stores, i.e. Whole Foods, and all types of e-commerce opportunities for both Domestic and Export Markets.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Our largest marketing tool is education through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs. Developing a following of "foodies" and chefs via written recipes, verbal descriptions and photographs of prepared foods. Trade Shows for consumers and trades, events, cooking and product demonstrations, Passionate spokespeople, Television shows displaying product and teaching product awareness. Using Naturopaths and Nutritionists to back the health-related aspects of Ice Syrup, keeping in line with consumer demands. Engaging new chefs and food bloggers to use Ice Syrup and promote to their audiences, building product credibility and sustainability. We believe that customer education + visibility = DEMAND. Demand equates to sales at the retail level.

So what do you think of this business pitch? Can Ice Syrup's pitch get you to buy the product? If you were a retail buyer, would you put this product on the shelf?

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