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Small Business Pitches - Food & Beverage - About.com
1 Subcategories in Pitch your small business or innovative food products here on About.com. I am inviting you to "Pitch Your Food Business" here on About.com.
Want to Pitch Your Small Food Business? - Food & Beverage
I am searching for food entrepreneurs to pitch their new business or innovative food products here on About.com. I am The FoodPreneur and food & beverage ...
Business Pitch Torn Ranch - Food & Beverage - About.com
This food business pitch contest seeks out food entrepreneurs to pitch their new business. As a food consultant I evaluate and comment on the pitches. The good  ...
How to Write a Small Business 'Elevator Pitch'
An elevator pitch or elevator speech can be a powerful tool for a small business owner. Here is a step-by-step process for creating an effective elevator pitch.
Before a business pitch is created or a marketing plan developed ...
Cheesecake cafe is offering individual single-serve all natural cheesecakes, velvety, smooth, light and airy, never heavy on your digestion system or heart and  ...
Tips for Writing an Elevator Pitch - Small Business Information
An elevator pitch or elevator speech can be a powerful tool for a small business owner. Here are nine tips for writing an effective elevator pitch.
Small Business Pitch from Favorable Treats - They sell all-natural ...
Small Business Pitch from Favorable Treats - They sell all-natural, made-from- scratch cookie dough. They really sell a nostalgic feeling of what you experienced ...
Ready Set Cupcake Business Pitch - Food & Beverage - About.com
Ready Set Cupcake business pitch is perfect: Ready Set Cupcake fills the niche of consumers wanting a quality product… the desire to bake it myself… without ...
Business Sales Pitch - NightFoods Nutrition Bars - Food & Beverage
Many people seek foods that help sleep. Here is an interesting business pitch from a small brand, NightFood. As we get busier and more stressed we need to…
How to Create a Successful Food and Beverage Sales Pitch
Successful new product launch requires an effective sales pitch to a retail buyer. ... Before you know it, your new retail food business will need to get its product ...
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