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Shoppers Want More 'Personal,' Less 'Personalization'

Saturday May 31, 2014

The Shopper and consumer are changing with the explosion of online shopping.

But as consumers are concerned about explosive growth of consumer data collection, analytics and expanding role of data in shaping . They say they value shopping as an experience and not just as a transaction, and are concerned about the and limiting this experience.  Read more


McCann Truth About Shopping Study



How to Make Promotional Ideas Effective at the Supermarket

Saturday May 31, 2014

Pretzel Crisps Tips for Innovative and Effective Supermarket Trade Promotions

In-Store Retail Marketing (trade promotion) is the lifeblood of the supermarket and for brands. These create Trial and Repeat Purchase AND create all important Impulse Sales. You know impulse, all of those items you purchased that were not on your shopping list! Read more...

In-Store displays drives Trial and Repeat Purchase AND create all important Impulse Sales.

Trader Joe’s delivers on in-store experience, great prices and customer delight

Saturday May 31, 2014

Trader Joe's is Consumers' Favorite Grocery Store for Second Year

TJ delivers on in-store experience, great prices and customer delight

Trader Joe's is the leader for delivering on experience... getting customers coming back for more. A study of more than 6,200 consumers by Market Force Information, a worldwide leader in customer intelligence solutions, found that Trader Joe's is North America's favorite grocery retailer based on satisfaction. Read more...

Trader Joes Blackboard Poking Fun at Whole Paycheck


Do you really know how to buy food packaging?

A client meeting on getting the best price for your food packaging

So Jeff has started a specialty food subscription service. People sign up for a deliver either 4 times per year or 12 times per year for a box of pre-selected specialty, organic and natural foods they can use for meals or snacking.

Jeff is ready to buy packaging so here is a peek into our client meeting. Read more...

Locking Tray with Lid


Clients Corner - Food Shelf Life Testing and Product Fulfillment

Tips for my Foodpreneur client you can use

I work with hundreds of food entrepreneurs to take their idea and turn it into a profitable business. So, ever wonder what a Foodpreneur client session is like? Here is a summary from a client who is ready to procure packaging and planning how to distribute your product. Read more...


The Secrets in Getting Your Product on Retail Grocery Shelves

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Here are 2 articles that I call your "tool kits" that get your product on the shelf and on to the consumers plate.

A Toolkit for Social Media Marketing

The Secrets in Getting Your Product on Retail Grocery Shelves

Does Your Social Media Fatten Your Bottom Line

Wednesday April 30, 2014

The Cheese Cave Gourmet Sandwich

Our guest author, Cote Media,  outlines a 3 step process, The Promise, The Practice and The Plan It is not just a theoretical 3 step process, they have a successful case study to prove it generates more cash to your bottom line.

Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line Part

Cote Medias Plan Works at the Cheese Cave


The Cheese Cave

Clients Corner - How to Plan to Attend a Food Tradeshow

Monday March 31, 2014

Do you have a plan when you are attending a trade show?

You probably have plans when you are exhibiting since you want to develop new business and trade shows are expensive. When you consider the cost of your booth, extras at the show, meals, lodging, travel expenses... you are over $5000 at the minimum. It is just as important to have a plan for trade show attendance.

Trade shows such as Fancy Food or Expo East and West are overwhelming. Without a tradeshow plan, you will wasted a lot of time and come back feeling unfilled. So you need to establish some reasonable objectives ahead of time, write them down and bring them along so you can track your progress.

See how I advise my Foodpreneur clients in these articles:

Tips for Attending Food Trade Shows

Find Distributors, Brokers and Retailers at Trade Shows the easy way


Foodpreneur Client Video Journey Basket Trade Show Experience

The Journey Basket Trade Show Booth A Foodpreneur Client


Check out more video of food entrepreneurs at The Foodpreneur Youtube Channel



FDA's Proposes Revisions For Nutrition Labeling Of Packaged Foods

Sunday March 30, 2014

According to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Nutrition Facts panel, seen on the packaging of most food and beverage, needs to be updated.  It is twenty years old, and showing its age. TheNutritional-Facts-Label-Proposed-Changes-whats-different-infographic-03302014.JPG FDA is not interested in just a few refinements.  It is proposing numerous changes to the venerable nutrition guide.

We want to explore the major revisions that the FDA is proposing, and how they may affect the way foods are formulated and packaged.

Read FDA's Proposes Revisions For Nutrition Labeling Of Packaged Foods... What you need to know when designing food packaging.

Hey, do you eat ice cream? You look at the label and feel good that the serving size is, well... acceptable? Well, how often do you eat the who pint! Read why the FDA Cracking Down on Serving Sizes on Nutritional Facts Label.

You need to know these changes if you are running a food business... get out of the kitchen!!!







The days of the conventional supermarket are numbered.

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Safeway sale addresses the 15% decline of traditional supermarkets

The Safeway sale would transform supermarket industry. Why.The Safeway sale addresses how Specialty grocers such as Trader Joes might replace traditional supermarkets.

Smaller neighborhood markets that tout locally sourced meat and organic produce and attract customers with friendly service, ambience and one-of-a-kind items are pulling customers away from mainstream supermarkets, experts say. Analyst Scott Mushkin of Wolfe Research said Arizona-based Sprouts Farmers Market is "firing on all cylinders" with huge sales growth.

Read more of Safeway sale would transform supermarket industry

Starting a Food Business? You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Friday February 28, 2014

Most people start a food business because they have passion for food and have great recipes and at some point say "I really have a great idea for a product"! They mistakenly believe great taste is the key to success and sadly this is not the case. They don't know or ignore "the business of food"... essentially developing Practical Passion. Sadly most fall in love with their idea, ignore the "Business of Food".... which is why many food entrepreneurs fail.

The Pizzania from NK Foods Product Pitch is was this:Pizzania-Single-Serve-Packaging.jpg

"Pizzania® from NK Foods is a marketer's dream because it combines two of the world's favorite foods (pizza and lasagna) into a NEW eye-catching marketing bonanza that will jump off the shelves amongst the hundreds of frozen food items."

In a follow up interview the founder articulated the "bumps in the road", wrong turns and the "if I had to do it over agains"

So to help all of you thinking about starting a business or are in the early stages of a food business I wrote Common food entrepreneur mistakes to learn from.

It is essentially the same advice I give to my Foodpreneur clients.



IBM Cognitive Cooking?

Thursday February 27, 2014

Steven Johnson, founder of  Foodservice Solutions® www.FoodserviceSolutions.us, , our Grocerant Guru, sent me a note:

" Are chains getting out flanked?  Are they old or old fashion? Food Truck Is Actually Serving IBM's Insane Computer-Generated  Menu Items" , check out the post in eater.com"

So I clicked through and saw some really interesting photos of their Cognitive Cooking Food Truck.

IBM-Food-Truck-Cognitive-Cooking.jpgThey have a group of chefs giving their super-computers food ideas

IBM says that chefs can work with 3 or 4 ingredients at a time... but beyond that, are brains are not wired for that level of complexity.

So the IBM Cognitive Computer takes a starter ingredient from a chef, with some additional parameters and then crunches hundreds of ingredient combos in seconds. But "mixing things up" so to speak so quickly, the chefs come up with really interesting recipes.

According to eater.com "chefs have already made include Creole shrimp-lamb dumpling, Baltic apple pie, and Turkish bruschetta. The cognitive computer is different from a regular search engine in that it eschews existing recipes, instead instructing the chefs to combine wildly different ingredients and flavors into the same, never-made-before dishes. "


IBM Cognitive Cooking Video

Meet the ICE Chefs Working on Cognitive Created Foods

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