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Domenick Celentano

Don't Have Your Business Web Site Reviewed - Create Brand Positioning First

By January 27, 2013

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Pam Wants to Increase Retail Sales of her Cupcakes

Women EntrepreneurPam is my client who is a budding "foodpreneur".

Pam's story is this: She has 2 kids and made cupcakes for her local PTO for years. The kids love them and so do their moms. At some point one of the moms said "you have to sell these cupcakes... they are the best... people will flock to your store". So Pam takes money out of her bank account and starts "Pam-Cakes", a local cupcakery in her town.Cupcake Entrepreneur

She works 12 hours a day and she says she makes the best tasting cupcakes. But she needs more business and more people knowing she is in business (Awareness). She thinks she needs a new web site and called me for some consulting advice.  "Dom, I am thinking of building my own web site, what do you think? I also get emails and cold calls soliciting Would You Like To Have Your Business's Web Site Reviewed?".

Another How to Make Your Web Site Great Series

I told Pam "don't spend a dime on developing a new website; let's first work on your positioning statement. Read the New York Times new blog series that  wants small businesses who  would like to have their sites evaluated write in to them. After reading it, let's meet"

I told Pam... in the article there is a good example of a positioning statement:

"Abe's Market, is an online marketplace for natural and organic goods that connects Americans who want to live a more healthful lifestyle with passionate business owners they may not otherwise find."

Pretty clear? You bet!

The Importance of Creating Your Positioning

Does Positioning have anything to do with web site design? Yes and Abes Market opening statement has clear brand positioning and if you read the statement above, you know exactly the following:

  • Target Customer - Americans who want to live a more healthful lifestyle
  • Problem - products they may not otherwise find
  • Frame of Reference - Abe's Market, is an online marketplace for natural and organic goods
  • Benefits - connects those customers to brands
  • Features - the statement implication is 'Abes is an easy-to-use online marketplace' to find and buy healthier, unique foods

Why Create a Positioning Statement?

Food entrepreneurs like Pam  are putting the cart before the horse. They tell their web designer, packaging designer, graphics designer, etc. to work their magic... "make it look great". 'Make me a pretty package' or a 'knock out web site'.

You can't do this without knowing your brand positioning!

Spending money on food packaging and websites must translate into INCREASED SALES otherwise why spend the money.

So... if you don't know your brand positioning... then your customers don't... so how can the web designer  or food packaging designer know?

Want Some Help Creating Your Food Brand Positioning?

Send me what you think your positioning is to foodbeverage@aboutguide.com and I will write up a sample and post it here on the Food & Beverage blog.


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