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Domenick Celentano

Mommy Bloggers word of mouth and Laser Focus on Consumers Trends helped Barilla's New Product Launch of Microwaveabe Meals

By December 16, 2012

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The Barilla Microwaveable Meals.. Mommy Bloggers so spread the wordAs an artisan or local specialty food company you need to get out of the kitchen and doing some Research by Driving Around. It is not an option in this hyper competitive food and beverage market.

Are you a small food company? Well it is important to follow your direct competition  and ALSO important to follow what the "big guys" are doing in the food and beverage market. Now you can't copy what they do because they have big budgets and feet on the street.

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Barilla Microwaveable Meals new product launch used Mommy Bloggers like tinarealeBUT you can practice "borrow... adapt... adopt". My article and interview with the brand on the successful launch of Barilla Microwavable Meals illustrates what you can learn from a major brand to help you grow your food business.

Borrow Adopt Adapt

Dr. Richard George, Chair of the St. Joseph's University Department of Food Marketing included the concept of "borrow... adapt... adopt" in many of the MBA programs I attended. Simply put: take the best of what you see other brands are doing, adapt it to your brand and business budget and then adopt this as you new marketing strategy of tactic.  The Barilla Microwaveable Meals new product launch is a case study for all food entrepreneurs.

Seek Converging Market Trends for New Product Success

Barilla strove to be different in a crowded field of prepared foods. So they did their research and saw a convergence of trends.

  • The increasing numbers of time starved consumers
  • Consumer need for quick convenient meal solutions that can "travel" well
  • The desire for quality and nutrition

When you can find multiple trends that support your product development, you are in a strong position. And oh yes... you GOT to move beyond the cry of "it tastes good". New consumers DON'T know your product tastes good until they try it for the first time.

Communicate Your Brand Positioning via The Crowd

So if you get one thing out of this article, it is understanding the growing influence of mommy bloggers for new food product launches. Mommy Bloggers are increasingly becoming a standard part of new product launches in the food and beverage sector. These influencers were, in my opinion, a big part of the Barilla Microwaveable Meals new product launch plan... and it appears to be working.

Don't you think a picture of this Mommy Blogger, like tinareale of Best Body Fitness does more to establish brand credibility vs. an ad or simply a coupon? It sure does.


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