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Domenick Celentano

Mobile Devices Side By Side with Our Cooking Utensils According to Allrecipes.com

By November 23, 2012

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Mobile Meal Planning is More Popular than Ever

Allrecipes.com claimed a record breaking 7.9 million visits on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. What is most interesting is this: the single largest hour of traffic site was between 3-4 p.m. PT. You say so what?  Well they say this was one hour later than past years. What trend can be inferred from the data:

  • Past - We would search on our computer ahead of time, find what we want to cook, print the recipe and then use it at a later time.
  • This year  - since the busiest traffic hour was LATER, we can infer that people had their mobile device in the kitchen, either following the recipe, viewing a recipe video or something that was "just-in-time" cooking information.  This has implications for your brand for 2012 and beyond.

Mobile is Driving Food Trends
Visits to Allrecipes.com from a mobile device during the days before Thanksgiving Day were up 97 over 2011 and mobile hit a record 12 million visits,  4 Million of those were from a tablet during the pre- Thanksgiving period.

Video May Be Driving Home Cooks Inspiration

Lisa Sharples, president of Allrecipes.com said "Allrecipes has always believed digital technology, social media, and online communities would revolutionize how, when, and where cooks are thinking about their next meal, so it's thrilling for us to see the numbers continue to rise each year!" More than 1.6 million home cooks also sought out their web video content which they see as providing inspiration and confidence... the gain was  200 percent over last year, many viewed on mobile devices.

Are These Early Food Trends For 2013

Is Thanksgiving moving to non-traditional? Given the recipes reviewed by cooks top searches were for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Paleo recipes during the week leading up to Thanksgiving rising 40 percent. If you are curious here are the specific non-traditional recipes:

How Can You Use These Food Trends in Your Small Food Business

The first is Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian seem strong. So if you are developing new products consider your customer may be moving in this direction.

Mobile is becoming as important as standard cooking utensils. This means you need to make your webstie and blog mobile friendly. Most platforms, like Google Blogger,  will detect mobile viewing and make the change automatically.

If video is a consumer driver in cooking, consider creating videos on how to use your products in creating easy meal preparation. Video is easy to do today with iPhone and Android smartphones. My video on Research by driving around was created solely on my iPhone.

What ideas do you have for capitalizing on these food trends from Allrecipes.com?


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