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Domenick Celentano

How to Integrate Digital Technology into Food Packaging that Engages Consumers

By October 29, 2012

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Smartphones are changing the way food and beverage packaging is designed as well as the implementation of in-store shopper marketing programs.  This is an opportunity for retailers, and brands to engage the digital consumer at the point of sale where 85% of product purchase decisions are made. In fact I believe the success of Shopper Marketing hinges QR Codes on San Pellegrino labels take you on a vitrual tour of Bergamo, Italyon the expanded uses of smartphones whether used in simple applications like Stop and Shops ScnaIt or more complex predictive systems built upon mobile payment systems that use geo-fencing and geo-location to understand where you shop, when and how.

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The Heinz Plant Bottle technology created a sustainable plastic bottle is 30% from sugar cane. QR codes, social media icons, and other digital media on food packaging should be thought of as forms of personal media; when someone scans your code or goes to your Facebook page, they should feel like the information presented is tailored to them individually.

In How to Use Digital Technology in Food Packaging, guest Author Jason Carol takes us through some innovative uses of QR Codes on packaging that engage the consumer well beyond the price and promotion typically seen in in-store shopper marketing programs.


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