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Domenick Celentano

Food Entrepreneur Points of Failure

By October 8, 2012

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The food entrepreneur path is always Getting out of the Kitchen, Getting on the Shelf and Getting on the Consumers Plate.

I wrote an article on Why Food Entrepreneurs Fail which summarizes the continuing issues I see with the vast majority of those who aspire to be in the food business. This blind aspiration gets in the way of success.

An overall theme is food entrepreneurs are passionate about the food and are experts at some specific segment of food. They do not understand the concept of "practical passion" and as such, most wind up "crashing" and having no business to be passionate about.

Here are areas where  I see poor execution and points of failure.

  • Food packaging and labeling is typically poorly executed and an area in need of rescue. Frankly most packaging is bad!
  • Pitching the retail supermarket buyer. This is an area where virtually all startups fail because they do not understand how the buyer thinks and what motivates the buyer to give the brand space on the shelf. Their buyer pitch needs a "makeover"
  • The product development and recipe many times are created to please the entrepreneurs pallet and not the end customer... so many products just do not appeal to consumers.
  • For food entrepreneurs who produce their own products, most have production facilities that are horribly inefficient. Although they are not as bad as those seen on Restaurant Impossible, they are in desperate need to help
  • Most entrepreneurs do not understand the financial back end and their administrative end is a mess!


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