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Domenick Celentano

Now there is an App for That! Inspiration for your cooking while grocery shopping..

By August 1, 2012

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The Cucumber app uses auto image recognition, identify branded foods and recommend recipesThere is an app for everything these days so I can get blasé about information that crosses my desk on the next and best app for food.

I ran across this new app on one of my LinkedIn groups... it is called the Cucumber app... why cucumber? We Are Apps Managing Director, Ian Malone says "We chose Cucumber simply because we liked the name and imagery, plus we knew it wouldn't conflict with any brands names."

What is The Customer Problem?

Ian knows the market, "Busy food shoppers who are looking for inspiration will soon be able to use a new app that uses the latest Smartphone camera technology to give them cooking ideas.". Are you a busy shopper? Sure! And who doesn't need a bit of inspiration for meal preparation.

In addition to recognizing the Customer Problem, the also recognized the Shopper Problem. Yes, shoppers and consumers usually are the same BUT they we have different behavior and needs while shopping. So how did they do this?

Cucumber App Video - See How it Works

The Idea: How Do They Solve the Problem?

The Cucumber app is the first iPhone application that uses automatic image recognition to identify branded food products and then recommend recipes that can use that ingredient.

London based apps developer We Are Apps has released a preview of the technology, which is aimed at busy shoppers who are looking for inspiration but don't want to fiddle around searching for recipes online using their Smartphone in a busy supermarket.  We Are Apps , Ian Malone solved the Shopper Problem which I had not truly thought about. He says, "Most products on supermarket shelves are stacked with the label facing forwards. This means that barcode or QR codes aren't visible without the user having to move or hold the product. With Cucumber, the user can scan the label itself, so they don't have to put down their bags or basket to interact with the product. It's a big thing for the supermarkets."

The Idea Supports the Problem

In my business I advise hundreds of entrepreneurs and teach Entrepreneurship at the university level and consistently find this: entrepreneurs and students frequently create ideas that do not support the problem or try to find a problem that matches a great idea. Great ideas are not great UNLESS they solve a problem. Why? Because consumers spend money on products that solve problems!

The app is due to be released in Autumn/Fall. In the meantime, users will be able to visit facebook.com/cucumberapp and recommend the products they want to see the app recognise, make recipe suggestions and sign up for an alert when the app become available in the app store.

The app will be free to users and monetized by brands wanting to ensure their products can be scanned. Brands can also embed feature recipes and produce special editions of the app.

YouTube video: bit.ly/cucumberapp

We Are Apps: www.weareapps.com

Facebook Page for comments: Facebook.com/cucumberapp


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