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Domenick Celentano

Can You Get Your Customers “Mug” on your Social Page? Check out the Mug Up With Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee

By July 26, 2012

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Dunkin' Donuts® is everywhere which I like since it seems I am either going to teach a class or meet with a food client. Bet you did not know the supermarket version is licensed and marketed by The J. M. Smucker Company!

Coffee, Light and Sweet with a Dose of Social Media

The Dunkin' Donuts "Mug Up" contest -share a photo of you with your favorite mug of coffeeDo you follow Dunking Donuts on Twitter? Well over 157,000 people do... check out the Dunkin Donut Live Twitter Stream.

So in line with strategy of customer engagement, they are looking to create some excitement with those customers who buy at the grocery store with the Dunkin' Donuts "Mug Up" contest. They want you to share a photo of you with your favorite mug of coffee for the chance to win exciting prizes, one of which is a $10,000 Grocery Gift Card, along with a year supply of Dunkin' Donuts packaged coffee and an extra-large Dunkin' Donuts branded mug. Wait... I seem to feel this is familiar... yep... no I remember!

Social Media - People Love Their Mug in the Cloud

Pepsi launched their Next line earlier this year and created a Pepsi Next Facebook page. So what, they have a Facebook page like everyone else in the world.

What was innovative was the "try" Pepsi NEXT online... a cool digital marketing strategy... although it is not a real taste but a virtual taste and is all about gaining information from Facebook fans.

The Facebook page "invites" the user to opt-in, via an app, for a chance to watch themselves "taste" new Pepsi NEXT in a video. The Next Facebook app crawls for your Facebook Persona and they had professional comedians impersonate you.

Building Customer Testimonials with Social Media

Rosie Taylor did a great piece here on Social Media, Driving Food Sales and Getting Consumer Trial where she showed us how to use social to elicit customer testimonials on your brand. Needles to say you can't easily create a standalone page like DunkinAtHome.

Borrow, Adapt Adopt. That means get your head out of your kitchen and look at what the big guys are doing. Instead of throwing your hands up in the air, do something! IF you don't... someone else will and will sure steal some of your customers. So here are 3 ways to build some customer testimonials:

  • Facebook - Ask your brand fans to post pictures or videos show how they enjoy your product.
  • Twitter - Ask your Tweeps to do the same with pics or videos.
  • Your Blog - Feature a real brand evangelist of yours on your blog. Tell a story... people love stories.


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