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Domenick Celentano

Walmart Case Study Retail Marketing Strategy mCommerce and smartphones are Leading Edge

By November 26, 2011

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Walmart Stores Front End Cashier

Walmart Marketing Tactics Recap

I have been connecting the dots at Walmart recently for a variety of reasons. Walmart has been aggressive in reversing it's 7 consecutive quarters of same store sales declines with a variety of marketing tactics. Walmart's Grocery business continues to be a growth factor for their company's business strategy and they are rapidly embracing social media and developing mobile strategies at a rapid clip.

Walmart Marketing Tactics - Connecting the Dots


Walmart Broadened their Product Assortment (adding back products they cut back) along with a simplified Ad Match Guarantee with Low Prices Every Day on Everything.

Walmart introduced Christmas Price Guarantee, virtually eliminating the risk of buying something at Walmart only to find it for less elsewhere. Walmart will issue a gift card for the difference IF you do find an item cheaper elsewhere.

Addressing the cash crunch of their customers AND avoiding a mass "cutting back" on purchases with Walmart Christmas Layaway plan.

Smaller Format Stores and Local Focus

Go local and small format with their 10,000 sq ft Walmart Express and launching Walmart Express in a Chicago food desert..

Focusing on more food and finding more locations, at approximately 50,000 sq ft with Walmart Neighborhood Markets

Walmart's Social Media and Mobile Strategies

Creating a local presence in their consumers mind along with a micro-merchandising strategy at the store level with My Local Walmart Facebook.

Making Walmart "virtual" to be with the customer anytime and anywhere launching new Walmart Shopping Apps.

Walmart Mobile Marketing Strategy - Getting Close to You through Your SmartPhone

So I was not surprised when I read in StoreFrontBackTalk about Wal-Mart's latest mobile acquisition - Grabble.

According to StoreFrontBackTalk,  Grabble makes "...hardware that attaches to POS systems to capture purchases and other customer data in real time..." It allows a receipt to be sent to a smartphone in place of a paper receipt. The real point of the piece was essentially according to SToreFrontBackTalk is  "Everyone's talking about Wal-Mart doing digital receipts. But the digital receipts, that's the LEAST important part of what Grabble business is all about."

You say "so what... so boring... yawn!"

Well, just think for a moment. If the point of sale system can send a receipt to your phone, isn't it possible that the data pipe goes the other way and it can receive data from your phone? Not so boring now?

What Is Walmart's Retail Marketing Strategy Here?

Walmart apparently wants to connect with their customers seamlessly through social media, My Local Walmart and mobile marketing. Connecting at the POS just means Walmart has what is called Proximity Technology to connect with your phone, probably through Blue Tooth.

Their Walmart Shopping App has the future potential to direct you through the store based on your shopping list... that happens when they have these mini black boxes throughout the store to know where you are to tell you where to go. Real time tracking of consumer behavior.

Connecting at the Cash Register?

Well they know how long you were at the store, total purchase amount, etc. It is the last point of contact with the consumer before they leave and I am not sure exactly how they leverage this. I hope to connect with Evan so we can bounce around some ideas in a future article. In the mean time I will continue to connect the dots at Walmart.


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