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Domenick Celentano

Social Media for CPG - Get to Know the Zero Moment of Truth

By November 22, 2011

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The Zero Moment of TruthWith all the hype of daily deal sites, mommy bloggers, local search, mobile commerce... my head is starting to hurt!

Social Media press tends to focus on the high profile tech arena and big brands like Facebook and Twitter. So it is nice to see information that focuses on social media and digital marketing relevant to the food & beverage sector. Online research, digital research is changing consumer behavior in purchase decisions at the supermarket.

The First Moment of Truth

Before the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, smartphones and iPads, marketers used the principle of  the First Moment of Truth. This how point of purchase marketing, and the principle display panel of a food package, influence the  consumer, going from undecided to decide. Well, that is no longer the only way to influence consumers. Social Media and Digital Marketing with a heavy dose of mobile is getting people to decided before they even enter the supermarket. Hence the new principle of The Zero Moment of Truth.

Social Media and Everyday Products

Consmr.com is a site that focuses on everyday consumer products (more commonly referred to as CPG) and consumer decisions about those product purchases. The site helps consumers "...discover great products ranging from frozen foods to skin care to household goods. Our ratings are powered by contributions from everyday people like you."

Opportunity Low Consideration Products at Retail

Ryan Charles, CEO of Consmr, was featured in a short Google CPG video on the Zero Moment of Truth.  The Zero Moment of Truth is the point in the consumer decision process called "prepurchase search"... sorry but I had to use the fancy academic terms here.

Ryan had a great way to frame consumer goods "low consideration items" ... meaning most of what we buy at retail supermarkets have a low average price. I can just hear readers yelling "are you out of touch... don't you see prices ballooning at the supermarket!"

Yes... I mean low price relative to things like computers, clothing, automobiles, etc.Stop N Shop App

ZOMOT and CPG - Consumers Passionate about Low Consideration Products

Ryan discusses in the video the importance of the zero moment of truth for CPG brands today. With four screens available to most consumers today (your PC, tablet, smartphone and television) prepurchase search is easy, fast and happening on the go.

Watch the ZMOT Video and see if you can start to rethink how you will engage your customer and new customers on all 4 screens.


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