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Domenick Celentano

Food & Beverage News - Chipotle Grill goes Asian and 7/11 goes Vegan

By September 18, 2011

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Chipotle Grill, Bahn Mi, Southeast Asian Sandwich for it's new ShopHouse Kitchen

Chipotle going Southeast Asian? Chiptole Grill founder Steve Ells is set to open ShopHouse Kitchen in the trendy Dupont Circle area of Wahsington, DC. The website has great photos of grilled specialties and rice bowls and needless to say there are no burritos. However they have hot abandoned "portability" with their Banh Mi sandwich which has the same ingredients as their Asian bowls... BUT on a hoagie! OK, this is a bit of a stretch. By the way, for those of you who watched Americas Next Great Restaurant, there was a concept created by Sudhir Kandula called Spice Coast that was attempting to take the Chipotle concept and repurpose it to Indian cuisine. Hmmm... wonder if Steve Ells was inspired by Spice Coast? Just a bit too coincidental!

Brands need to monitor the blogosphere so as not to get side swiped with inaccurate or as Hella Wella says " hyerstical positioning of information" that may be more for generating rating than to truly help the food and beverage consumer. . The uproar which has been running on cable news repeatedly is the statement by Dr. Oz that apple juice contains arsenic but never went on to explain that arsenic comes in organic and inorganic forms. The inorganic form is toxic and the harmless form is organic which naturally occurs in certain food, like spinach. Oh well, guess Popeye was oblivious to this!

Dollar Stores Grow in Canada The Canadian dollar store industry, estimated at roughly $36 billion in 2009, will expand by more than 60% over the next decade and double in size by 2025, according to a retail analyst at CIBC World Markets. The segment is consolidating, with U.S. dollar store chains looking to purchase Canadian players. At least one other U.S. dollar store chain will likely purchase a Canadian rival, according to the analyst, reported The Globe and Mail.

7-Eleven going Vegan? Well, sor of... they have increased ready-made vegan meals to over locations in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey after a successful pilot program in several New York City stores, according to Vegetarian Star. Do you make Vegan foods? If so you might want to call on the 7/11 buyer.

WalMart and Target putting dent into Supermarkets Mass Merchandisers selling food, Wal-Mart and Target being the giants, are gaining a price advantage as food inflation forces supermarkets to raise prices faster. Shoppers can save as much as 25% on an $80 bill depending on the store chosen, according to a two-year study of 30 typical grocery items by The Tampa Tribune. Both WalMart and Target work on gross margins that are well more than 50% less that typical supermarkets. The downside of course is their massive size which is not always convenient. Although both are opening WalMart Express and CityTarget which are small footprint retail concepts.


October 26, 2011 at 11:26 pm
(1) Ms. Neal says:

I really want more info on Sudhir Kandula and this new venture Shop House. I was a faithful watcher of Americas next best restaurant and as soon as I heard of the venture thought it was more than a coinky dink ;)

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