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Domenick Celentano

Avitae Caffeinated Water Creates Controversial Social Media Tactic

By June 9, 2011

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nullAvitae Caffeinated Water Creates Controversial Marketing Tactic. Posters Disseminated in Maverick Fan Country & Throughout Ohio to Distract NBA Star in Time for Next NBA Finals Matchup

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian Pitzer, CEO of Avitae Caffeinated Water, the Dublin, Ohio-based, nationally-branded beverage company (www.myavitae.com) is creating a controversial business move: A social media movement, paired with dissemination of thousands of posters and flyers this week throughout two very different fan areas of Dallas (home of the Mavericks) and Cleveland (home of hurt Cavaliers fans who lost their hometown star to the Miami Heat). †Avitae intends to send one NBA star a message in the name of friendly business competition.

Aviate has their ownYouTube Channel which is good since video enhances the "searchability" of a brand.

Avitae is a new category of beverage: Functional Water. Consumption of carbonated soft drinks in the U.S. is on a steady decline. Consumption is growing for Hydration products(such as enhanced waters like Hydrade) and†functional beverages. Avitae provides a new and better alternative to soft drinks and energy drinks: caffeinated water.

Avitae Caffeinated Water is a "vitality-driven" water company, vowing to take the place of unhealthy caffeinated soft drinks. Avitae water is comprised of two ingredients: purified water and natural caffeine. Is natural caffeine any better or worse for you to consume? According several herbal web sites,†synthetic caffeine†can be†harmful and can cuase†addiction. But "bio-caffeine", natural,†cannot and will not cause addiction. I am not a food scientist so you can decide for yourself.

This a good example of combining social media with traditional media. The traditional side is posters†and poster are easily executable for a food entrepreneur in the food and beverage segment. It also illustrates how you can "poke" at your competition in a friendly and non-confrontational manner. Typically marketing experts suggest staying away from direct competitive examples since you are only spending your dollars to increase the awareness of the competition.

The posters proclaim "THE REMATCH: Ohio vs. LeBron" under which it states: "LeBron has Sucralose Energy Sheets, Ohio has Avitae Caffeinated Water." "It's our way of creating distraction for the other guy (and his new caffeine product business venture) during tonight's NBA Finals, all in the name of friendly business competition," explains Pitzer.

Pitzer adds, "While we may not be able to play ball literally with the guy, we fans and business owners can play him figuratively off the court."

About Avitae Caffeinated Water:

Avitae Caffeinated Water is a "vitality-driven" water company, vowing to take the place of unhealthy caffeinated soft drinks. Avitae water is comprised of two ingredients: purified water and natural caffeine. †Products are offered in 45 mg and 90 mg caffeine amounts for all lifestyles, sold nationwide. www.myavitae.com

SOURCE Avitae Caffeinated Water


June 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm
(1) Bryant fox says:

This is great stuff!!!

June 10, 2011 at 8:02 am
(2) Don Reeves says:

I saw that. That picture is hilarious!! Thats the face he made when he walked in on gloria and delonte! hahaha

June 10, 2011 at 8:05 am
(3) Derick Bores says:

Saw that and Love it! Went to their facebook page and saw some article about the CEO offering his salary to Jim Tressel’s Charity of Choice!! thats insane!!!!

June 10, 2011 at 4:20 pm
(4) Dom says:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments on this interesting category. In regards to Social Media in food, this segment is ideal for new product launch using Social Media.

All the best

Dom Celentano
Food & Beverage Guide

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